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Types of Ultraviolet Radiation

Types of UV Rays

Ok, I love how simple and to the point the NSF defined Ultraviolet Radiation so much I have to put it here. “Simply put, ultraviolet radiation (also known as UV radiation or ultraviolet rays) is a form of energy traveling through space.1

UV is short for ultraviolet. Ultraviolet rays are a type of radiation that is present in sunlight, but not exclusively. (The sun emits many different kinds of radiation, and the sun isn’t the only source of UV rays.2) Ultraviolet rays are (mostly) invisible to the human eye (except for a few super heroes in our midst who are missing the lens that protects/blocks the UV rays). Thanks to the Ozone Layer, we don’t suffer from the full brunt of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. There are some beneficial effects from UV exposure, such as helping our bodies create vitamin D and it’s use as an effective sanitizer, but ultraviolet radiation also does more harm than good.

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