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20 Things to do while your BHA/AHA is Working

One of the most important (and annoying) things of using a chemical exfoiliant, is letting it work its magic for up to 20 or 30 minutes before you apply anything else to your face. Chemical exfoliants need time to work at their preferred pH before being neutralized by water or a moisturizer, but the time length needed for the BHA/AHA to work is controversial. I like to wait 20 minutes just to be safe until definitive answers come about.Β  Some people see this as a deterrent, but I see it as an opportunity to get other things done. (Seriously, I floss more now than I ever have in my life)

Whiten your teeth
Take progress photos
Moisturize your body
Clean your make-up brushes
Take the dog for a walk (preferably at night)
Take the trash out (again, preferably at night)
Load the dishwasher
Look up your new sunscreens CosDNA rating
Watch an episode on Netflix
Put new products in your amazon cart that will sit there until you cave and buy them
Call your grandmother
Give yourself a pedicure
Bake cookies
Write a journal entry
Squeeze in a little yoga or a workout (but not so much that you break a sweat)
Full body stretches
Swatch every product in the house
Browse the new section on SCA…again.


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