About Miss Chandelier

I’ve always been on the hunt for answers and facts when it comes to beauty, fashion and healthy living. I grew up in Los Angeles, where everyone around me seemed to be effortlessly beautiful with perfectly tousled hair and tight and tanned bodies, where I blended into the background and felt plain and ugly.  My entire young life was filled with clipping beauty magazines and saving DIY beauty recipes through word-of-mouth. I was the girl people went to for pampering advice and tips before Pinterest was a thing – I was like a little walking encyclopedia. I learned the models and actresses beauty and dieting “secrets” and grew an unhealthy obsession with my different body type. I was not the natural born model… and I desperately wanted to be.

So as I grew older, I slowly learned to embrace and accept what I do have and to love myself. I learned that my appearance wasn’t what made me “me”, but that what I loved and enjoyed was what ultimately made me beautiful. And what I loved… was glamour! The meticulous systems, methods and routines that I felt I had to do to be beautiful are actually something that I love and enjoy about my day. I don’t feel like having to shave my legs or apply make-up to feel confident everyday is a chore but instead more of a luxury. How can I see the chance to soak in a lavender scented bath tub undisturbed as anything other than a luxury?

I love smooth legs and painted nails. I love the freedom of expression make-up and clothing provides me on any given day.  I love perfumes and silky lingerie. I love daily routines, beauty systems and feeling in control of my appearance and life. My love of systematic control might be a callback to my constant search for perfection, but it gives me comfort. At least now I don’t beat myself up for not being able to be perfect all the time.

I’ve never felt like I could fit into a “mold” or a “type”. I’m just…me. If I couldn’t find something that perfectly described “me” in a store, I learned to make it myself. I learned to knit at age 10. I started making my own jewelry at age 13. I started designing clothes around 14. I successfully sewed my first dress to fit my body type and style at age 15. I love making things myself even if it’s not feasible or responsible, as is the downfall of many die-for DIYers. Why buy that sweater for $20 when I can just knit it myself for $100 and a month of my time? Because the pride you feel when you make an object by hand and know that it’s one-of-a-kind and made for just for you is priceless.

Throughout the years I’ve learned what works for me and narrowed down problems and fixes. Recently I started researching the science and facts behind beauty so I could better understand how and why things work the way they do. I’ve suffered from chronic health issues and a personal-identity rut that I thought could be aided by getting to the bottom of this “beauty” thing. Now I thought that sharing my discoveries could help those in a similar situation as me or those who just want to learn more.

Welcome to my lifestyle blog! I wish you many lavender scented bubble baths in the future.

Xoxo Miss Chandelier

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