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Whether you are just wanting to change up your look, or maybe you are trying to gain control over a condition or disease, maybe you’re stepping back into the dating game for the first time in a few years, or perhaps you still feel like a newbie to the whole “beauty” thing – Miss Chandelier’s goal is to help you find your fabulous. I want you to be the best you every day you step outside your front door.




Misschandelier.com is a personal lifestyle blog written by Miss Chandelier. MissChandelier.com focuses on beauty and fashion, science-based research and education, healthy living and self-indulgence for anyone. This blog’s purpose is to help you “be the best you” on any budget and for any occasion.

Miss Chandelier delivers content in many ways. From text posts posted regularly, to youtube videos, easily shared and saved infographics to books. Miss Chandelier is a pseudonym and brand name. The upcoming Miss Chandelier’s Boutique will sell handmade beauty, skincare and make-up products.

Misschandelier.com is currently not affiliated with any outside company or brand, does not have any outside sponsored content and is not producing a commercial income. This status might change in the near future. Miss Chandelier is open to the idea of working with other content producers and companies.  Any sponsored content will be clearly stated and, as always, all opinions and reviews will be my own complete honest opinions.


Regularly Scheduled Programming:

Mani Mondays [All about nails!]

Tutorial Tuesdays [How-to posts for anything from crafts, beauty treatments, fashion advice, and lifestyle advice. Find my DIY Designer Dupes here.]

Wedding Wednesdays [As I plan my own upcoming wedding, this is where I’m allowed to talk about wedding stuff. Indulge me and find inspiration for your own upcoming nuptials.]

Tasty Thursdays [Diet and food related posts and recipes. Top 10 Foods Series and Meal Planning Inspiration.]

Fashion Fridays [All about fashion! Catch my #5ways Series here and Get the Look! inspirations.]

Fitness Fridays [Filled with health and exercise discussions to take care of your body.]

Spa Saturdays [Posts about pampering yourself with beauty products, treatments and make-up talk. Bringing the Spa home for the avid DIYer!]

Skincare Sundays [All about skincare, the function and health of skin, beauty treatments. Also where to find my Beginner Skincare Series and my Skincare 101 Series.]

Sweet Sundays [Dessert or indulgent recipes. Yes, you can go ahead and have that slice of cake.]





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