All About Skincare 

Are you here for the skincare obsession?

I’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you to get started on your skincare journey. Posts and links will be added as I upload them. List of posts, educational, informative, research, tutorials and steps to achieving your perfect skincare routine. All in one place for you to keep track and stay updated. xoxo Miss C.

Understanding Skin and Anatomy

The Anatomy of Healthy Skin (11/1/15)
The Acid Mantle and Why it’s Important (11/15/15)
An Updated Post on the Acid Mantle (11/22/15)
What are Pores?
What is Acne and What Causes It? (11/8/15)
Types of Acne (1/3/16)
The Usual Suspects: Resident Flora on your Skin
The Importance of Sunscreen
How Moisturizers Work

Building Your Skincare Routine

Determining Your Skin Type (11/29/15)

  • Normal Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Combination Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Dehydrated Skin (condition)

How and Why to Patch Test (12/13/15)
Build A Morning Skincare Routine (12/6/15)
Build An Evening Skincare Routine (2/28/2016)
Skincare Products Definitions (continually updated)

Sun Safety

Reasons To Use Sun Protection (3/29/2016)
Types of Ultraviolet Radiation (4/12/2016)
How UV Rays Damage Your Skin
Where You Encounter UV Radiation
The Truth About SPF
Chemical vs Physical Sunscreens
Broad Spectrum vs Single Spectrum
The UV Index
How To Protect Yourself From UV Damage
Are You Using Your Sunscreen Correctly?
Do POC’s Need To Use Sunscreen?


Common Skin Concerns

Acne Scars
– PIE/PIH- Icepick, Boxcar and Rolling Boxcar Acne Scars