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List of Helpful Skincare Definitions

The last few skincare posts have gone over how to determine what skin type you have so you can use the right kinds of products and what products you’ll need to use for a basic skincare routine. Getting confused on the difference between a cleanser and a toner? Check out a quick reference of what different skin products are and what they’re used for here.


Cleanser: a product used to remove dirt, make-up, sebum, dead skin cells, and other debris or pollutants from the skin. Can be a gel, cream, oil or paste.

Exfoliant:  a product or tool used to remove dead skin cells from the top later of skin to promote new skin cell growth and to prevent clogged pores. An exfoliant can be a watery liquid, a gel scrub with physical additives or a tool used on the skin.

Spot Treatment: a product used to reduce, treat or heal an existing blemish by applying directly and only to affected area of skin.

Toner: a liquid used to cleanse the skin or to remove excess or leftover cleanser, missed make-up, dirt or excess oil. Can have different meanings or uses depending on your location.

Moisturizer: a topical product used to retain, replenish or add oils and moisture to the skin.

Lancet: a sharp instrument used to pierce the skin.

Face Mask: a product applied topically and left on for an extended period of time before being removed.



This post will be continually updated. Wanna know a definition of a product? Leave a comment, let me know.


xoxo Miss C.

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