Wear it 5 Ways…Sequin Tank

Sequins don’t have to be just for the holidays. The sequin tank is the new wardrobe investment to style up your closet. You can dress it up or down, wear it to the office or for a night on the town. Here’s another #5ways to show you how versatile this trendy staple can be.



The key is to buy a sequin tank or top in a solid neutral color like white, beige, grey, gold or silver for the most pairings. Don’t buy a sequin top in a pattern or style that will be too limiting, like animal print or stripes. The sequin tank is an update on the plain white tee, so keep it simple yet fabulous.



Casual is all about comfort and “oh, this old thing?” effortless style. Keep it cas’ by not bothering to layer your tank with anything else and cover up with your favorite leather jacket. Mixing the glitter with the leather will toughen up an otherwise flirty ensemble.

Wear it on it’s own to keep the look casual and fun. Sequins doesn’t have to mean party. To dress a sequin top down, wear it with relaxed jeans or shorts and keep the overall look unstructured.








Daytime outfits are for running errands or meeting up with friends for a midday activity. You want to be comfortable and not look out of place. To dress a sparkly sequin top down, pair it with jeans and flats or sandals. Keep the look casual with relaxed hair and few accessories. Try pairing an oversized sequin tank with tighter fitting pants or shorts for an even more casual look.

If you’re uncomfortable with uncovered shoulders, pair a sequin tank with a knit, open front cardigan for a warm and comfortable look, without looking too chic.






For night styling, think going out for drinks with the girls or going to stand in line for a dance club. You want to look sleek, flirty and fun. Depending on your personality, you can go a lot of ways for this, but for me it’s a white hot blazer, tight leather pants and shoes that mean business.







sequin top (2)





Perfect for casual Friday at the office without being too inappropriate, layer the sequin tank under a crisp white button up. The sparkle and shine from the sequin top will instantly perk up an otherwise boring outfit, while still looking professional with covered shoulders and a collar.





Pair a sequin tank with a blazer for a professional look. To make the outfit more fashion forward and jaw-dropping, match your sequin top with your pants. In my 5 ways example, I love the color blocking effect of a black blazer and ankle boots to enhance and cut off the monochrome of silver on white. By matching the sequin top with the white pants, you an create a faux jumpsuit appearance, without the matchy-matchy disaster of the denim tuxedo. The sequins clearly communicate a two-piece ensemble with the chicness of a one-piece jumpsuit.









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Sequin tanks seem to go hand-in-hand with blazers. Any color blazer, black, white or bold, will class up an otherwise young top and make it suitable for any event and any age. The sequin top is more stylish and fun than the basic white button up without making you look too boring. A solid blazer makes a top that used to only be considered for clubbing appropriate and mature enough for work, an event or an interview.







sequin top (2)

Try experimenting with layering. Wear a sequin top over a formal button up or a more casual staple, like a chambray shirt, to cover up enough skin and add some sparkle to your look.








A 2016 update to the Wardrobe Essential White Tank – is a sequin tank!

Wear it with a white hot blazer and shiny leather pants for a chic and modern going out outfit.

Pair it with faded jeans and matching sparkly gladiator sandals for a flirty day look.

A fitted black blazer and eye-popping white pants will have you looking chic and professional at any event.

Wear it under a essential white button up for a pop of interest at work.

Mixing leather and glitter is always a fashionable statement, even at the most casual affairs.

xoxo Miss C




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