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Beauty, Skincare

How to Get Luxuriously Soft Feet

Have you ever left a nail salon after a pedicure with shiny soft feet only to find your feet rough, peeling and cracking a few days later? That’s because of…

Health, Skincare

Types of Acne

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. John F. Kennedy Knowledge is power. It is always better to name your enemies so you know who you’re fighting against. Also, it…

Beauty, Skincare

Lemons: To Use or Not To Use On Skin?

Lemons. Pinterest loves them. Your facebook friends love them. So does grilled salmon. You either hear two sides on using lemons in skincare: they’re either a miracle skincare cure in…

Diet, Health

Top 10 Foods High in Calcium

When I tell people I don’t eat dairy, the overwhelming response I get is “But…how do you get your calcium?” I swear, the Diary Farmers of America’s “Got Milk?” campaign…